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Cats staying at Stonehenge Cats Hotel must have their vaccinations up to date, must be spayed/neutered unless very young, and must have regular, vet-recommended flea/worm treatments (i.e. a spot-on such as Frontline).

We welcome cats with containable, non-communicable pre-existing medical conditions, i.e. thyroid problems, renal problems, diabetes, recent injuries under treatment, etc.  We're experienced in caring for post-operative cases.  We have many regular clients who ask us to administer their cat's regular medications.

SCH has a ‘Vet first – Questions later’ policy.

Clients must agree to our seeking veterinary treatment on their behalf and at their expense. We must be authorised to contact clients own vet to report any problems. Emergency and immediate help will be sought from Dr Enid Frantilla of Elston Veterinary Clinic. Dr Frantilla is our vet of choise, for both cattery and family cats and she and colleagues have our complete confidence. Her clinic is only ¼ mile from us.

In the event of problems beyond the very minor we always speak with owners and/or those nominated by them as contacts in addition to the cats own vet.

Please be prepared to leave us as many contact numbers as you can.

All medical treatments can be administered. We're happy to administer pills or subcutaneous injections.  In the unlikely event that a medical application is outside the experience of staff, this will be attended to by our veterinary practice - regardless of frequency and at no extra charge.

We are happy to help with worm pills or flea treatments.

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