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Here are some quotes from our customers (all quotes come from different customers and all are verifiable):

 "For at least 6 years now we have been placing our cats... with Sally and Jack.  When our previous cat became seriously ill we received the most enormous support from Sally and Jack in practical terms with information and advice plus genuine sympathy for our distress and an ever ready ear when we needed to talk.  ...  We frequently had to ask Sally and Jack at very short notice if they could care for our cat often for unspecified periods.  They never failed us even during their busiest times.  They also showed great concern and empathy...  Both of the cats we have placed with Sally and Jack have neede medication and this has never been a problem.  Both Sally and Jack show amazing devotion to the cats even getting up in the night to medicate a cat if this is required.  Our cat settles very happily there and usually is reluctant to be disturbed when the time comes to leave!  We feel that not only is our cat given practical care, but she is also talked to and given the affection she loves at her 'home from home'.  We love our cat dearly, but we have complete confidence in the affection and care she receives from Sally and Jack who have the knowledge, skill and genuine understanding of cats which makes their cattery far more than just a business.  Indeed we never think of them as a business, but as Auntie Sally and Uncle Jack!  We do not hesitate to recommend to other cat lovers."

"We have been very satisfied customers of the Stonehenge Cats' Hotel for over 18 years now, and have always spoken very highly and enthusiastically to our friends about the wonderful and caring attention our several cats have enjoyed over the years - in fact they have always been most reluctant to be re-united with us at the end of their stay!  As for ourselves, without fail we have experienced cheerful, kind and understanding service from you and your staff, and we will not hesitate to continue to recommend your rather special establishment to anyone who has the welfare of cats at heart."

"We have used the Stonehenge Cats' Hotel for 20 years...  The cattery was F.A.B. approved then and I would personally recommend it, living up to its name and providing first-class care and attention.  The location is quiet, with clean, comfortable and spacious chalets, accommodating family cats together if desirable.  All services are to a high standard with caring owners giving special attention to diet and medication needs.  A personal interest is taken in individual cats... Long may this cattery continue in business."

"We were introduced to Stonehenge Cats' Hotel by F.A.B. in 1997 and have used you exclusively ever since and never been disappointed... I could speak of the attention to detail which you give our pets... every aspect of their stays with you has been excellent including all the love and cuddles.  We look on the cattery as their home from home when we have them in your hands for their holidays.  Thank you for the peace of mind which your service gives to us."

"For the last dozen years or so, we have regularly, that is two or three times each year, housed our cat... with Stonehenge Cats Hotel, and we have been greatly impressed with every aspect of its service.  Very good accommodation for the cats under all conditions of weather, careful feeding and most importantly an atmosphere of loving care for the animals are all most welcome features of this establishment.  Moreover the owners and managers of the Hotel are very adaptable in accepting last minute changes of plan.  We have found that whether [our cat] is in the Hotel for a lengthy stay during our absence on summer holiday or for just a few days for shorter absences, the service has always been first class and the charges appropriate.  in short we can emphatically state that the Stonehenge Cats' Hotel maintains the highest standards of care for those cats fortunate enough to be accommodated there."

"We have left our cat... in the care of Jack Graham and Sally Franklin several years now, in fact ever since they took over the establishment.  They have given the utmost care and attention to our cat, who has been happy to stay with them and we know they give the highest quality service.  The layout of the cats hotel blends with the quality service and all the cats seem happy and contented.  Both my wife and self highly commend Jack and Sally to look after your cat/cats."

"I have been using the Stonehenge Cats' Hotel for well over 7 years now and have never had to worry about the welfare of my 2 cats when I have left them with Sally and Jack.  They are polite, friendly, fully understand the specific medication requirements of my cats and nothing is too much of a problem for them.  They have also been very accommodating when it comes to drop off and collection times outside of 'normal' hours.  Their dedication in running the 'hotel' is based on the love of the animals and not as a profit making business, which ensures both myself and my cats are treated as friends and not as just a customer.  I have never used another cattery in the area, I do not feel the need to look elsewhere."

"I appreciate all that you do for [my cat] when she comes.  [She] is a somewhat fussy creature and I am a fairly fussy owner.  Therefore it was great bonus when a friend... recommended you.  Since then it has been such a relief knowing that I can leave [her] with you in complete confidence when I go away...  She always comes home in good form, and I greatly appreciate the time you give to her individually when she is with you.  She clearly enjoys... receiving such personal attention.  Over these last 6 years I have come to depend on you both a great deal, and my only concern about your business achieving the success it deserves is that one day you might not have room for [my cat]!  [She] and I both regard you as friends.  Good luck with the business and thank you."

"We are just writing to say how very much we appreciate the way in which you look after our three furry friends each time they comeon one of their frequent stays with you.  It's reassuring to know that we can go away on holiday, secure in the knowledge that they will be superbly looked after.  Fed exactly the food we want them to have, brushed, checked and generally fussed over.  The way you cater for their every comfort.  And you both go way beyond the call of duty, when it comes to giving [our cats] their medicines.  We both want to say a big thank you very much for all the hard work you've put in for us over the years, and look forward to seeing you again"

"[W]e would rather have stayed at home than put our cat into a cattery we were not happy with.  I looked around and fortunately found the Stonehenge Cats' Hotel.  [She] has always come home a happy cat, never stressed or hungry.  We always felt sure that she was in good, caring hands.  I would recommend the Stonehenge Cats' Hotel to anyone who cares for their cat and wants to feel at ease while away on holiday."

"Stonehenge Cats' Hotel is our cattery for choice for [our cat], who, though just an ordinary moggie is very special to us.  We don't mention the word 'cattery' to him ever, he is going to his five star hotel or visiting Aunty Sally and Uncle Jack... I know that [he] will get the very best care and attention... When we arrive to pick him up, he always looks alert and well and Sally and Jack always fill us in on his funny little idiosyncracies ... Stonehenge Cats' Hotel is in an idyllic spot surrounded by a lovely garden and I am sure this helps cats feel at home.  I cannot recommend Stonehenge Cats' Hotel highly enough - it is immaculate and care and attention bestowed on each and every cat under its care is incredible."

"We have used Stonehenge Cats' Hotel for more than 20 years, and cannot praise it highly enough.  ...  The facilities are of a very high standard, and the staff are unfailingly professional and exceptionally caring in their approach.  On our return, we have always found our cats to be fit, happy and in a sleeker condition than we left them.  We would have no hesitation recommending Stonehenge Cattery to everybody who cares about the welfare of their pet."

"In my thirty plus years as a cattery customer this is quite simply the best I have found.  I have total confidence in its proprietors Sally and Jack, and complete trust in their care of my cats.  I would recommend them without reservation."

"We would like to say how please we are with Stonehenge Cats' Hotel.  We have been using this cattery for some years now for both our cats, and are more than happy with the treatment they receive.  Sally and Jack are particularly good with our elderly cat...  She has had severe health problems caused by being hyperthyroid and is now rather frail but is still very alert.  I am sure most catteries would not even contemplate taking her, but Sally and Jack lavish love, care and attention upon her, and we leave her with them feeling fully confident that should any crisis arise - and with a 19 year-old cat we all know that is possible - they will deal with it in the best way possible.  We cannot recommend this cattery too highly."

"Please accept... my personal and sincere thanks for the way you look after [my cat] and also for putting my mind at rest so allowing me to enjoy my holiday too!!  I wish you both well and hope that you may continue to provide the highest standard of care to the cats that board as you have allowed we owners to expect.  Thank you very very much."

"Thank you so much for looking after [our cat] so well.  He settled straight back into his 'old habits' as soon as we got home!"

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