Stonehenge Cats’ Hotel is licensed for 50 cats, fully insured and holds current fire regulation certification.

Cat units are for 1-2 or 3-4 and have individual cabins and runs, heating (set to maintain temperature of 20C) beds, bedding, trays, toys etc.

Only cats from the same household share units. Cats from different homes never come into contact with one another.

 Cats are seen at least five times per day, including two meal rounds, two unit-cleaning rounds and a late round at 11:00 p.m. to check trays, heaters, security, general welfare and ‘happiness’.

All units have windows and ‘sit’ shelves inside and out and cat-flaps which are rarely closed.

We encourage cats to sit in runs to watch us work and enjoy the fresh air, bird feeders and afternoon radio.

 Please bring as many things from home as you wish. It’s nice for your cat to have something of its own with it – perhaps a favourite (and therefore ‘scented’) blanket or some toys.

Please do not bring trays and litter – unless by special arrangement. All types of litter are available and it is easier to maintain hygiene routines when equipment is uniform.

We stock a very wide range of foods. Only very occasionally, perhaps in the case of a medical diet, will a client need to provide food. Meals are prepared in an exclusively ‘cat’ kitchen which has sterilisation, freezing, refrigeration and cooking facilities. We often prepare and serve fresh chicken, coley and tuna fish - sometimes a little cat milk and often ‘treats’ on late night rounds. Serving dishes are never ‘re-filled’ but are washed in tasteless and scent-free sterilisation fluids after each meal.

Staff are trained in care and hygiene and are expected to show an understanding of the cat and develop the ability to spot any potential problem. Work is done slowly and carefully to ensure time is spent providing ‘one-to-one’. Units are disinfected between occupants and equipment - if not disposable or recyclable - is disinfected or sterilised with the best animal care solutions. No one will ever be within the cattery who is not trained and who does not have the complete confidence of the management. Even our youngest week-end staff have extensive knowledge and are never left on the premises alone.

Clients are very welcome to telephone us or arrange for a friend to visit during any cats stay for their re-assurance. We understand how difficult it is to leave such a good friend and the need to be sure all is well. We never see a call as ‘checking up’ – only as a sign that this is a loving owner!

Please tell us about any event or experience that may have made your cat nervous or worried. Although we cannot guarantee results, we do have a very high success rate with the nervous and/or abused cat, along with those in recovery. Extra time can be given to ‘bring round’ a difficult cat and hopefully increase confidence.

We cannot guarantee grooming, but we do our best to maintain the condition of all cats in our care. Longhaired cats will be groomed as often as possible and those with difficult coats on a daily basis.

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