Hours & Fees


Mon-Sat:  8.30am - 6.00pm

Sun:  10am - 12am

Closed to arrivals or departures Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


1 Cat:    £12 per day
2 Cats:  £19 per day
3 Cats:  £23 per day
4 Cats:  £26 per day

Plus optional vet & extras supplement: £3 per cat per stay.  This has proved successful and cost effective for many clients. The fund ensures that only veterinary supplied grooming and cleansing items are used. The fund also allows management to seek veterinary advice, medication or help with common minor problems that need ‘checking out’ without extra charges for client. Treatment beyond the very minor remains at the owners expense. Our fund is not an insurance. The fund also makes it possible to transport a cat to its own vet without additional charge for management time and transport. It also allows us to indulge our desire to provide fresh foods regularly!  The fund can be opted out of at time of cats arrival. In this case all extra services will be chargeable. Please note the fund includes all administration of parasite treatments but not their supply. Claw clipping and supply of most parasite treatments are available at very reasonable cost.

We accept payment by cash, cheque or BACS transfer.  We can't accept card payments at the moment.  Payment is on collection of cat/s.  We don't ask for a deposit.


We charge by day rather than by night.  It is not possible to use any cat unit within 12 hours of a departure.  Accordingly, unlike a ‘people’ hotel, where we are given a ‘vacate by’ hour, cattery fees are calculated on a full ‘per day’ basis and clients can arrive at any time during opening hours.  Per day fees do not produce extra income for the cattery as vacated units spend at least 12 hours in disinfection, airing and re-preparation. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

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